The important features of the argumentative essay format

Writing an argumentative essay is not as easy as writing normal essays. An argumentative essay, unlike other types of essays, takes a stance about an argumentative topic and argues to justify the stance. Therefore, you will not be able to prepare an essay of argumentative nature, using your knowledge of or experience in handling other types of essay projects. You will need to have a clear idea of the argumentative essay format and the presentation style, to be able to prepare an effective argumentative essay.

The structural format of an argumentative essay

On close observation, you would find that most of your beliefs are unexplainable. It is alright to believe in something without knowing why, as long as it is not the topic of your argumentative paper. But, in an argumentative essay, you cannot talk about your beliefs without explaining why you choose to believe so. Because, the main objective of an argumentative essay is to convince the audience that your judgment, or your stance, is more correct than the other. The commonly used argumentative essay format is aimed at achieving this aim.

It is wiser to follow the argumentative essay format, as has been put together by experienced people, to ensure that your essay is legible and comprehensible enough. The questions listed below sums up all that your audience would seek answers for, in your essay.

• The introduction: What are you going to talk about in your paper? Why do you wish to talk about that particular topic? What are the existing theories on the topic of discussion? Which side would you take? The answers to these questions would give the readers enough information to join you in the discussion on the topic.

• The body paragraphs: What is the topic all about? What gave you reason to take the stance you have stated in the introduction? What information do you have to support your stance? Why makes you think that the other side of the argument is not satisfactory enough? By answering these questions, you would be able to justify your theory. Highlighting the shortcomings of the other side of the argument will help strengthen your stance.

• The conclusion: How do the points you have laid out lead to the conclusive theory you have stated in the introduction? Does the discussion end here or is there any scope for further discussion on the same topic? Winding up an argumentative essay effectively is not easy at all. By summarizing the main points and then reinstating the thesis, you would be able to remind the audience about your main points and apply persuasion techniques while reinstating the theory.

Professional assistance with argumentative format

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